Sleepless nights

The days are long. As of last week Jaclyn decided that she doesn’t want to take naps. I am trying to figure out why that is… she just says she doesn’t want to sleep, though she is tired.

We had a great day, after a hard day. It’s one hot one cold. I was talking with Conrad about the small window of great receptiveness, which we took full advantage of. She was eager to learn our ways and please us. She now wants her way. I was actually somewhat worried that she is too well behaved for a 3 year old.

Today we drove together to town and as I was watching Jaclyn in my review mirror, all relaxed, watching the cars, singing along, and imitating me. I waved at a car that gave me way to pass through a crowded intersection, so she waved at it exactly like me, with a serious face. I burst out in laughter. I winked at her and she winked back, with half of cute smile. It seems that we have gotten so familiar with life at home, she is exploring slowly books she didn’t have patience for a month ago. We enjoy our time together much more as we intersperse outings and see other people and kids.