I started following this adoption account on instagram @theadoptionconnection and soon after, someone reached out to me with a personal note… Which was so unusually friendly and connecting.

Today I decided to listen to this podcast and this adoptee who was adopted in the late 40s, in the era of adoption secrecy because nobody discussed adoption at length with their kids. Ed, this older gentleman who had been adopted, found out about his story because it was not hidden from him, though not made available either.

I’m halfway through the podcast interview, but something he said stuck with me. He never questioned his identity or history or worth. He thought to himself, as he discovered his adoption certificate, “who would give up a kid like me?” He had a deep sense of worth. Not pride but value. I think I would like my kids to experience that as well.

I remember another quote about excessively scolding kids: “they don’t stop loving you, they stop loving themselves.”

I am determined to make a conscious effort to lovingly correct, especially as we entered a stubbornness phase, and watch my tone of voice to exude warmth in equal measure with my natural sharp authority.

And as they ponder their adoption, to have both my daughters wonder: “who would want to give up two treasures like us?” Created by God, with a purpose and so worthy!