It’s a cool summer

Breezy and green. We’ve had the time to fully notice it this year of covid lockdown.

We have two daughters at home. The storm of emotions we have braced for, was like a summer rain, matching the weather outside: refreshing, expected, needed.

With the lockdown and social distancing, having two kids at home who get along well, in a honeymoon phase of courting each other, curious about each other, who respond to our boundaries and love, they are thirsty for each other’s friendship. All this makes the lockdown not just bearable but natural for us. We are in our walnut pod. Safe from the rain. Safe from the elements.

Two kids apart in age, similar in many ways, and yet so different, give us two strong legs to stand on. When one kid is challenging, the other one is soothing, and they keep taking turns. And they build on each other. This way we feel grounded. Rooted well, able to express our calling in a lush crown.

I know it’s a bit esoteric, my take on parenting and adoption right now, but we are happy. We have reached our intermediary destination. Upward and onward to adolescence and adulthood. To heaven, to freedom in Christ.