The positive heart
In absence of another
and feeds on the good 

My brother. 

Your servant heart
Your quiet demeanor 
Not once have I doubted your love

And yet. 
Conflicting signals 
You hurt.
And I don’t understand.

Coming home
I sense it’s worse than I thought 
As I put my self aside 
I see clearer.

I start praying 
For healing
For understanding 
For peace

Then I am moved 
With lightness of heart 
To pray for you and your wife
The mother of your children.

 But things get worse 
before they get better.
God answers my prayers 
As I have begged him to
Out of deep love.
Fast and precise. 

Darkness is made into light
The surgeon cuts away
The pride the false expectations
The idols 
The sin.

Exposed to healing light
The wounds are on the mend
In God’s Grace.

Everything is made new
Like never before.

God healed. 
God brought light and forgiveness 
We live on this side of heaven
The miracle of new life. 
Of healed relationships.