Adoption is like a celebration party

Many guests are expected. They’re invited and they do show up: like playfulness fulfillment, joy, purpose, happiness; but there are also some party crashers like hardship and doubt. I am the type of host that acknowledges the uninvited guests but does not linger to engage in conversation for too long, lest they would bring me down. But that doesn’t mean they’re not there, it doesn’t mean that I do not see them, so I’m trying to find this balance between awareness management and enjoying the party. So here we are; hardship has many faces like trauma, ADHD, disobedience, self soothing, physical medical issues, Mental issues, social issues. 

How can I be helpful to people who host similar adoption celebrations to be aware of party crashers; each of us (adoptive parents) deals with uninvited guests differently. kicking uninvited guests out is not an option but understanding or knowing how to treat them, how to relate to them might help us move forward with her life. Fruitful life.