Prayer for someone near

You left a disaster behind you. Though your ex husband speaks only kindly and discreetly about you, that only proves his character. 
Nothing hidden remains so for too long. The truth comes to light always. 
Your son’s words and reaction last time I saw him this year says a lot. Please, for his sake, don’t fill his heart with bitterness. He reflects what he sees and hears in you, even when you don’t teach him so intentionally.  
My heart breaks for the trauma he is living, though he is a fighter. The unseen wounds can be devastating. Please don’t take it lightly. 
God is almighty and He redeems. God created you, in His likeness. 
I had nothing to say until now, and no strength to do it. I was disappointed and furious, but this morning I woke up with a thought of peace towards you. 
May God give you His wisdom in everything you will do going forward.