My experience was different

And there’s no better time to speak up than when the balance seems tilted in my favor. 

To be honest, in High-school I’ve witnessed the sexual harassment of my colleagues. The perpetrator was a teacher. Somehow I’ve dodged that bullet. Frankly I can easily pull off and mean look. I can easily give that vibe that says: “don’t you dare!” 

The tables have turned. There is reasonable doubt and there is a precedent for justice being served.

It is in all our interest to maintain a balance. An honest balance of integrity. 

Talking with a friend, she also noticed the extreme her company adopted, in adjusting the numbers to reflect a proper representation of diversity in leadership roles, to the detriment of quality. 

My experience was different. Thanks to my dad, first. Then to my brother. Then to my community. I didn’t grow up with a mentality of a victim. I never thought I was weak or that I needed saving. I fought for my opportunities just like my brother did. And I succeeded.

My mom worked side by side with my dad, and had equal pay. Her financial Independence and security, inspired me. 

And in my country of birth, the grandmothers were always strong doers, almost like a matriarchal society. Their leadership was not inherited. Their leadership was hard earned, proven. Servant leadership, brave leadership. Their courage and wisdom was undoubtedly evident. 

Even across the world, as an immigrant I jumped into privilege. A white educated woman. With self confidence and drive. With a slight but interesting accent. 

When people stared at me as a kid, the first thought that came to mind was that they think I’m cool and interesting and beautiful. Though beauty was never one of my definitions of self.

The only hint of discrimination was based on my faith. But the Bible teaches me that believers would be persecuted for their faith. So I bucked down. In earnest. And embraced my shared challenge of being different or excluded for my faith. 

My experience was different. But I choose to keep my curiosity open to other peoples’ experience. Let not my lack of hurt as a woman, silence the pain of others. We have much to learn. Much to discover. Let out ears be open, our minds flexible and our hearts warm.