Morning prayer

For three weeks I got used to waking up before sunrise, walk up to the office to get some coffee, take a walk on the beach. Enjoying the silence, the calm sea, the fresh cool air.

Camilla was my faithful companion. Alan too, while he was there. Then others took his place. We read a passage from scripture. Whatever spoke to us. Then we prayed. Simple. Powerful. Transformative.

This I miss the most.

But I miss many other things and people and places too. My logic doesn’t let me dwell on longing for the past. There is light to be shined and salt to give flavor, and paths to forge ahead, and friendships to build upon.

Why do we do what we do? Because it gives meaning and depth to life. Because connection and fellowship are foundations for courage.

We’re committed to keep up the morning prayer. A sweet reminder of what abiding into the Truth feels like.