Mops for Ukraine

We all arrive at the same time in the parking lot of this elegant friendly place, cluj business center. We are greeted warmly. It’s already a pleasure to be here. These mops Mother are so timely! Swiss watches with kind smiles. 

There are many boxes to carry up to the top floor. The elevator is a marvelous invention! 

As we set up the conference room till way past my bed time, with a promise of an early start the next morning, we build closer relationships, shoulder to shoulder, preparing kids bags, and setting up gifts on the table for the women. Gifts are not my love language, but the anticipation in preparing these lovely things for the women, the thoughtfulness and attention to details, the reason and the process of giving, this is something I’m learning as part of MOPS. 

It’s hot on the top floor. There was a heavy rain that evaporated quickly. We polish the last details, say our goodbyes and we meet the next morning early. 

We prepare a table of free books in Ukrainian, tables of sweets, fruit, flowers. A breakfast banquet. 

The Awana volunteers arrive and play all kind of active games. Katty, a wonderful young woman from Ternopil, a leader through and though, though she is so humble, but whose voice is clear, strong, bright, as serves in both capacities, translating with presence for the kids, then playing the guitar while singing a song in Ukrainian for our women guests. 

We play with babies, letting the moms listen while our guest speaker shares her story. 

It’s an organized chaos. It is beautiful. Knowing the uncertainty and challenges behind the scenes. It’s pure grace to see the stage come together cohesively welcoming. 

We recognize each other, the women that came to the salt mine. We take one more step closer. While we serve. Meeting specific needs. Bringing people together. Celebrating motherhood. Letting kids play. 

We hear stories. Stories that break our heart. Mothers smiles a grateful but weary smile. You Kids still have nightmares. These are uprooted people, carrying the burden of trauma, witnessing the trauma of their loved ones, whose reality is not changing anytime soon. 

They need hope. Beyond what this world can offer. May we all gain wisdom in this process. We celebrated with 100 pizzas provided generously by Marty. Oh, like the feeding of the 5000. Pizza after a full social morning, was the best news to this crew. 

I feel so grateful to count myself among these serving hands. 

Oh, friends, seek the company of brave people, who exude hope, who act with Integrity, who love wholeheartedly. It’s inspiring!