MomCo June 2024

I struggled with how much credit these women gave me. Being used to low expectations, I worried about finding my comfortable place. But there was something that kept me around. Maybe the seasons of rest, of distance, of absence, they gave me courage to draw near again.

It has been obvious to me that I have evolved, and got more confident and relaxed in my shoes as I had a front row seat to these women’s busy lives, the events we would organize together, the way they felt their space and used their gifts. Validation comes from beyond peers, though we use feedback to guide our pace, actions, service.

Bottom line is that we all want to belong. But I have learned a long time ago that nobody has a bag of “belonging” and spreads it to others. It’s a give-and-take, a find your seat at the table and relax, pull up your sleeves and do as others do. Then find your lane.

I worry about the victim mentality, which I notice in the preteen stage among my daughter’s social groups. When you are busy finding your groove, defining your passion and values, having fun in whatever context of life, with a humble heart, a joyful heart, then you will have discovered the secret of living.

These women make it look so easy, when they use their gifts. And amazing things happen when we come together. It’s not a defined strategy, path, plan, of growth and development, of expansion, or friendship. It’s a come as you are gig. Find your gifts as you try your hand at many service opportunities. We are not perfect. On the contrary, it is the place to make mistakes and be imperfect and try and do better next time.

There are many momco group leaders in Romania. And there are many moms who need community and encouragement. May we have eyes to see, ears to listen and energy to show up.