May God Protect

I knew it with clarity of mind:
She will be our daughter.
And we will love her forever
With commitment and joy
Through the ups and downs of her unique story
With gratitude and faith.

She was polite and shy, then she warmed up to both of us, taking turns sitting on our laps to draw with us, to show us her coloring books and to see videos of Rufus running around like a crazy puppy. She turns 3 this week.

It was a very intense day. Lots to process. These next couple of weeks we will meet almost daily, and she will come to love us, before we’ll take her home forever. This next step of “practical matching” can vary in time, depending on how fast the child attaches to us. It is rather odd, as we’ve come to love and play with many children, but never with the intent of taking them home to be our own. (I’m telling you, this almost feels wrong) Yet she is the one who needs us to be her mom and dad, and we were handpicked in a rather miraculous way to be her parents. And so we shall.