Arranged relationships

I have a hard time falling asleep every night since we met our daughter. The intake of information and emotions is overwhelming. The foster parents who took care of our daughter these past two years are delightful and they have taken care of many foster children over the last two decades, seasoned parents, generous and kind.

As I lay in bed for about three hours before I could fall asleep, my mind processes the day’s events, and I connect the dots. My faith is strengthened and I get all choked up remembering the first time I started to pray for our daughter – I even wrote a prayer poem – that her birth mother would have the strength to protect her and give her life. And then the prayer changed to “may God protect her” wherever she might be. May she be safe and warm and loved until we meet.

As we learn more and more about her story, we see how God has answered very specific prayers chronologically. It all makes sense as I look back. But for many years we had to walk by faith, with little hints that God is keeping “His end of the bargain”. Prayers are answered with lavish generosity, point blank.

In many circumstances in my life, I had to lower my proverbial head and push forward. Fix our eyes on God and stop listening to the crowd. Among much encouragement and support, we have faced subtle and blatant discouragement. The world is often gripped by fear, and it spills over. We are not in the business of proving people wrong. We are in the business of living in the Light, and let the light spill over.


She was shy, we were clumsy. Yet the connection is undeniable now. We went to spend every day with her this week. A commute of two hours, and another 4-5 hours together. It is harder and harder to say goodbye…