Now, THE topic.

I’ve been holding this under my hat, for weeks now.

My sister, Carmen (often assumed so literally), our roads intertwined a lot in the last eleven years. They continued to do so even after my seven year adventure abroad.

The morning I shared in church about our plans regarding Romania and adoption, I received an email from her about a computer. And that story is amazing in itself, with how perfectly things aligned. While I was going with the flow, with an impulse to serve Carmen by speaking up, she was speaking on my behalf and gathering information.


On Tuesday we plan to take our adoption attesting papers. There is some concern regarding being bound to legally translate them into English because Conrad is not a Romanian citizen.

Her faith and enthusiasm have been an inspiration to me. We may even visit the child protection orphanage. Conrad is afraid he will fall in love with ALL the children. There are three adoptable girls under one year, though we’ve been planning to adopt a newborn. Plans are made to be thrown out the window. Yet we stay with our hearts and hands open, ready to hear, ready to listen.

The ladies who work there got all excited about our desire to adopt, and happily shared constructive information that usually it’s an ordeal to navigate. We don’t even know them.

We said we are starting an adoption process on this trip. Both of us have an unexplainable drive to finish what we start. And we feel encouraged by how natural this whole journey feels. I’ve stressed before about making choices in the grocery store. Not about this…

Cluj seems beautiful. Our retreat apartment is an oasis. People are kind, interesting, smart and genuine. I love my people.

There is a lot of unknown ahead. But we live fully, one day at a time.