First day in the apartment

Well we survived the first night, and now we’re into the morning of the first day. Yesterday we went out and bought a new mattress and some pillows so that we wouldn’t be sleeping on the floor, and they were quite comfortable. The building we’re in has central heating (very uncommon in Romania) so we were relatively warm. However the ceilings are around ten feet tall, which is nice for space and possibly an indoor trampoline, but not too efficient for heating a room when you’re on a mattress on the floor. Thankfully we thought ahead and also brought a new sheet set and blanket that [luckily] fit.

We took the bus into town this morning; it’s about a five minute walk to the end of the bus line, and then takes roughly a half hour to get into town (about two mile though). We walked a bit through one of the street markets and are now at the only reasonable cafe in the city, Caffè Olivo. I’m sitting here sipping an aeropressed coffee and enjoying full sunlight through the front of the cafe. It’s almost like San Francisco except for the flitting Romanian and second hand smoke.