In His company

In adolescence I read this book about how people experience God. Instinctively, some people are very artistic and emotional, others are very cerebral, and facts and logic is what makes them tic.

Everyone in the world is a combination of these two ways of relating to nature and to God.

Personally, I read the Scriptures and my heart swells, my mind expands. I had my season of confusion and doubt when I dug deep, as a rebellious adolescent, to find the Truth about God. Only facts would satisfy my thirst for understanding.

And what a gift that time of searching was. Now it’s a matter of refreshing the knowledge through reading and experiences. And occasionally, I’d say pretty often, a sensitive chord is brushed. Being around people who love the Lord, humble people who burst of knowledge and passion, who speak from their heart after persuasive bible study. But more so, gentle worship. The silence between the verses, the truth that rings true, the commitment and the declaration of faith…

Sunday we sang this song, and the floodgates of my tear-ducts we’re fit to burst. Of complete awe in His presence…

“Praise the Lord, oh soul, tormented by passion, praise Him through tears; the road to glory passed by the cross, believers know to climb it on their knees.”

I’ve scrambled many peaks, physical and otherwise. And while I have not reached my final destination, I know the best I can ask for is His companionship on the journey. The road to glory passes by the cross… a statement, an acknowledgement, a commitment. A love that surpasses all understanding.

Ps. Did you know that companionship comes from the Latin “con pane”, with bread, sharing bread with someone, and ultimately having communion. God is our companion.