First summer vacation day

The kids complain that they are bored. They play outside for a while, drawing on the pavement with chalk. We invite our neighbor’s kid for lunch. He accepts happily; as it’s summer, kids don’t visit each other indoors. So this is cool. 

They play with Lego, watch a movie, eat lunch together, drink Limonade. 

Our eldest rolls the Trampoline down the hill by the side of the house, nearly crushing Conrad’s garden. 

Running after it they trample the seed and dirt freshly spread. I tell them not to come in the side yard anymore. 

In front of the house They try to pop their ear drum yelling in each other’s ears through a tube 

They roll on the driveway into the house on baby toys, plastic car. 

They fight over a scooter and come to complain to me.

My daughters play tug of war with a broom; the older one lets go and hits the young one in the face, and she gets a bloody nose. 

And this is only stuff I had to see. I tried to let them be free and not interfere too much. How do you set early boundaries so you don’t backtrack or correct so much through the day? I don’t like to nag. 

I sent them to bed for a nap. They were not happy about it. They fell asleep fast. 

Ahhh. Feeling at ease knowing they are sleeping safe in their beds. 

Their higher brain function was really low. They slept for two hours. Now we’re back on track with a peaceful household.

It’s going to be a long summer. Shall we do naps every day?