Drawn to each other

I found myself involved in new projects, shoulder to shoulder, with many inspiring women in Cluj. Each with their own gifts. But what we have in common is action, showing up, a sense of responsibility in paying forward the abundance of grace … not that grace can be quantified or paid forward. It flows freely and it multiplies.

The only picture I posed for on this very busy day was with these two women. One of them pointed out that we are all american citizens. Indeed. We are all uprooted and replanted twice over. For immigrants America has an abundance of experiences to offer. Equal opportunity, integration, experiences, naturalization …whatever people may say, the three of us women, we’ve seen a beautiful welcoming side of the American culture, in three different states. The strange part is that we all chose to return to our native country to pay it forward, to give back, to do something more.

I am drawn to them and I didn’t even realize that our individual journeys have so much in common and it changed our perspective and heart and mind. Feeling grateful to know them.