Daddy’s role

Lest we forget God
in the season of abundance.

David praised God
when things were going great.
I find ourselves in a season of laughter.
I choose to not be afraid
that this too shall pass.
I trust that God is with us now
and through whatever comes,
whenever it comes.

This middle childhood days
Finding our footing
While kids find their rhythm
Again and again

We delight in parenting once again
Honest in boundary setting
Accepting boundaries testing
Embracing and loving and free

Conrad is goofy.
That’s his role.
And boy does he set a good tone for the family.
I adapt fast to storms and smooth sailing.
But his good mood influences everything.

It can’t be fake
Though there is merit to kindness
even when you don’t feel like being kind.

I pulled back and let him serve.
He planned and cooked dinners all week.
There was room in his mind and schedule.
It actually stretched him to feel more,
feel useful and successful and appreciated.

We moms rob our family of self worth
when we do everything for them.

We have to draw our worth
from beyond our service to the family
In order to let them step up.

God is present in this mundane life.

I Praise you, Lord
for the belly laughter I hear
when daddy is being delightfully goofy
at bedtime.

Praise God through joy and laughter.
For it is not any less holy than tears.