Courage is contagious. Faith is contagious.

Kids have a natural ability to embrace spirituality. 

At age 3 Jackie couldn’t sit still in church. That takes practice. But we didn’t force on her nothing that we wouldn’t do or didn’t do as kids.

Knowing God and learning about Him are as essential as learning the colors and the numbers. It’s not something you would put off till adulthood. 

At age 6 Jackie’s prayers are thoughtful, personal and deep. We don’t pray every night, but we pray together at every meal. We read bedtime stories every night. Sometimes we sing at night, and sometimes we pray. 

Last night she called me because she was thirsty. After we already put her to bed, we try to not encourage the calling out for random reasons. The patience is worn thin after a long day, and long bedtime routine. I gave her water. Then of course she needed to pee again, just in case. Then she wanted to pray. 

She hugged me tight, then she closed her eyes, bringing her hands together and commenced: “Dear God, thank you for my family and for the wonderful gifts you give us daily. Thank you for peace and health. Please keep us safe on our upcoming trip… Be with us. And thank you inventing long sermons, I mean prayers…” She prayed for her sister, that God would protect her wherever she is. She asked God to bless her sleep and give her good dreams. She peeked at me. I chuckled. “No laughing during prayer!” – she scolded me with a half serious voice. Then she continued…

Daddy called out from the other room: “Come on Jackie! Leave some words for tomorrow too!” But she kept praying. I didn’t have a heart to stop her. Eventually she said “Amin!” and smiled broadly. I kissed her head and that was that. 

Jackie is perceptive. Like all kids are, I’d venture to say. She already understands more than adult give her credit. I’m pretty sure she will also struggle, like all teenagers. But my hope and prayer is that she will know God personally, filling her heart with hope and peace, and He will be her Light in the darkest nights. 

Some say that adopted kids have or develop a victim mentality. I disagree. I sense a strong personality in her little frame. My belief is that God made her with a purpose. She is gifted and she is a gift. And she already blessed us immensely. Courage is contagious. Faith is contagious. We need to purge our belief, and be careful about what WE choose to believe.