God commanded us to rest. He didn’t suggest we rest on the 7th day. He told us to do so, and He himself did it. Jesus, despite the never ending needs and sorrow, the crowds that swarmed him, he still pulled away in the dessert, in the mountain, in a boat, he sought time with his Father, he took time to pray, he enjoyed his solitude. 

We are serving in parallel, and rarely we have someone above us to tell us to rest. We need to watch out for each other. And keep each other accountable for rest. 

Today is my birthday. I got to swim in the morning, and it south’s my soul and my mind. My body is pretty resistent as long as my mind is strong. But I pushed myself today and didn’t even realize. I felt so tired mid morning. But I still had stuff to do. It was another cold day. By the time I got home in the afternoon I was hungry and clumsy. I took a rest on the couch. But my spirits are low, my energy still strained. How can people go for so long fueled by adrenaline? It’s not sustainable. May we be wise. And humble about out strength. May we ask for help, and say no from time to time. The Sabbath is holy. May we delight in the occasional good rest. We are here for the long run.