Have you ever had a teacher without authority? Or a boss without authority? It’s uncomfortable, it’s chaos, it can be scary.

Authority doesn’t mean forceful, unmovable. On the contrary. It’s reasonable, wise. And genuine authority is not something we muster up. Knowing God and understanding our mandate, we rise to the occasion to protect, to lead, defend, decide for the people who follow us when they can’t decide for themselves. Even if they protest that they don’t need to sleep, or eat healthy food. 

Genuine Authority is humble. We don’t know everything. We question ourselves and the processes. But this humility lets us adapt and listen well to the differences between our kids and their needs. But ultimately, authority is intuitive, strong, loving, decisive. And when we accept it as a mandate from God, over our kids, and we submit to His Authority, we find the strength to exercise it well.