MOPS – garden party

Last fall I was busy preparing an ARFO event: the launch of a book. I came alone to the first meeting @mopscluj Then I was invited to be part of the team, and to translate materials as needed. I didn’t know what to say yes to. But it was like a mustard seed. Small. Insignificant. But planted at the right time, today it has roots and big branches. It makes a thick shadow and shelters life. We and others reap the fruit. Today I gladly went to a heart rest meeting together. I am grateful for these women full of life, grace, dedication, creativity, kindness… their company inspires me. And this friendship is not exclusive. We’re making room at the table! MOPS is open to all mothers. You can join a small group, or you can start a small group. Just give a sign! Then occasionally we celebrate all together! 🎉

As an average introvert I am lonely and I like it that way, most of the time. But we all need belonging. 

I am a foreigner. Repatriated. My husband is a foreigner. I am an adoptive mother. I grew up in a church. I frequent another one now.

But the God I knew as a child is the same, and I love him with all my being.

I arrived at MOPS in a motley group of women, having in common (only) the role of motherhood. But I slowly discovered that in our differences, there is room for much joy and grace. Courageous recognition of differences and setting them aside, brings us closer by daring to let ourselves be seen and loved, regardless of where we come from, what burdens we carry, what we seek…

I am part of many groups, communities, initiatives, programs, however this oasis of rest among brave, strong, beautiful, hardworking, available, funny, creative women is something else. 

Over a month ago, the leader of MOPS Cluj invited us for a garden party. I put it on my schedule and looked forward to it. Between layers of conferences, I didn’t give it much thought, but not having to prepare for it was highly motivating to attend and rest in the company of likeminded people.

We played a game of writing on people’s backs, on paper plates, one word or phrase describing how we see each other. After spending nearly a year organizing mops events together, we saw how each of us is gifted in very different ways, complementing each other. It was a feast of generous love.

Thus, we were served Words of affirmation on a paper plate at this MOPS garden party.
#sisterhood #motherhood

Early on
I didn’t feel like I belong
In a regular mom group.
I had no shared experiences 
Of pregnancy and birth
I was an outsider. 

But at mops 
Though I was very different
I feel like I belong
I let myself be seen
And to my surprise
I am loved
I am liked 
And embraced,
just as I am
Yet the same.