During the pandemic, my father in law struck gold with inspiration. To be able to dig deep, buckle down and get creative in such stressful uncertain times, it’s a super power. Dad seemed to find his groove better than in normal times. I admit I envy his focus. When the girls are awake I can’t write two phrases together. Their interruptions are the bane of my creativity.

Conrad asked me to write a few words about myself as an author. I looked for some old documents of self discovery and development, and stumbled upon my strengths finder results I took while working at Apple. And inspired by it, I jotted down the below description. I cringe a bit at the tooting of my own horn. But as I searched my heart, for now I see this as an honest assessment.

I am a developer. I see potential in others. Very often, in fact, potential is all I see. When I interact with others, my goal is to help them experience success, and I use words of affirmation to foster encouragement, positivity and growth. 

As a young adult I was mentored and appreciated by great leaders who inspired me to carry on the torch. 

As I turned thirty I switched gears completely. I decisively stepped off of the corporate ladder America. I tasted success and I realized my heart desired something more, something different. We moved from Silicon Valley, California to Cluj, Romania to pursue adoption. Now I am the proud mother of two wonderful sisters who came to us one at a time, in 2016 and 2020.

During this adoption journey I was inspired to write more. I naturally take ownership of every project I’m involved in. I love responsibility. I enjoy the power of words and I believe that faith can move mountains. 

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