Adventure & Dreams

“It takes an uncommon amount of guts to put your dreams on the line.” Erma Bombeck

How do you put your dreams on the line? — Sharing them out-loud. And sharing I did last Sunday in front of hundreds of people. Thank you all for listening. I spent the whole next week drained and still.

Ironically, around the time this unexpected sharing happened, a vivid thought lingered in my mind: “I have nothing to say. I have nothing to give”.

Conrad and I stubbornly pursue our dreams, and we seek and embrace adventure in our lives. As a matter of fact, I recently declared to Conrad that I fall in love with him every time we go on an adventure.
Last year he quit his job to pursue self-employment and a long lasting passion for type design. This change got us closer to one of our oldest dreams of trying to buy an apartment in Cluj. And one of our priorities during this trip to Romania in March-April is to setup a home base there, an oasis, a place of rest and a source of blessings for us and many others. A place for life to happen.

Also, for nearly two years we have pondered adoption. It has been an internal journey of wrestling thoughts and emotions. Transparency has been our best friend in marriage, but there has been a time when we tried to protect each other of our own yearnings and pain. Eventually, with open hands, we laid things on the table and feasted together, Conrad and I. We still do. There have been tears. There has been silence. There is plenty wholehearted silly laughter.

Trying to understand the grand scheme of things is not a priority anymore, though I take great pleasure in pondering life.