About November

It’s been great. I’m not gonna lie. And I’m not gonna feel guilty about it.
Slowing down our daily routine has been mentally hard. I left California and my job at Apple while I were at my best, still rising. Moving here as the winter was just starting I daydreamed about going to work the first three months. I honestly thought I’ve been willingly brainwashed, and I held my breath waiting to eventually go back to the “grind”, probably a worse version of it.

We do not work 40 hours a week. Sometimes we work more, but most of the time we work a lot less, trying to be more productive. The rest of the time we do things we love. Investing in people and relationships, creating, designing, building, taking walks, traveling all around Europe, and letting go of things we have no control over.

Here is the deal. We moved here in order to adopt. And I pray every day for God to give us patience and wisdom. And I pray for our children that may already be born, to be protected. In the mean time, trying to live in the future and in a parallel universe of a parent is not doing me any good.

I also decided not to worry anymore about the judgmental crowd. It’s a decision I make every day in my heart. And it’s not easy.

I started swimming exactly seven days ago. Mainly because I made up my mind, and I can’t go back on my word, even and especially a promise I made to myself. I went swimming one hour every day and my body is already feeling and showing it. I started juicing and I started sewing. Finished eight projects and they are gorgeous creations. We are eating right and our Romanian business is thriving in its first year.

Hard and low times will come our way again. I know it. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the gift of the gracious present.

Every post I write letting my faith transpire I remember my retail job, when I kept a politically correct attitude and expression of self. I am religious. I have always been. God, spirituality, faith are all real and very important to me. And that’s that.

Well, Californian friends, we are visiting you for a month, starting with spending Christmas with family. A lot more is about to happen this month, leading up to our departure to California.

We have all forgotten to live freely, purposefully, courageously. And I’m not holding that against any of you. We all do want we need to do to survive, sacrificing our comfort and dreams for the well-being of those we love, and we continually seek a balance of living and sharing and giving life.

I am honored to know and to have known many of you who are reading this blog. We are resuming to posting proper posts soon and stop journaling/processing thoughts. It has been a wonderful year so far. I am amazed and blessed.

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