A new beginning

Tomorrow Jackie starts kindergarten. Today we had our last home visit before the adoption if finalized and Jackie will become an Altmann with all the legal rights.

I look back at the bigger picture of what these three months have meant for us. I realize we will never be able to say: “we have arrived, no more changes”. With every week we grow she grows and so on. We feel more resilient and more exhausted in the same breath. It has been a treat and a blessing to be home full time with her. I did not apply for parenting leave (leave from where?) but I see how fast time flies. I have been writing in her notebook, the things she says or does. She grows stronger in spirit each day, as we SEE her. We make time to see her and speak the Truth to her heart.

Day 1 at kindergarten:

She was uneasy, emotional the first morning. I was concerned, but we went along and discussed how the day will go. She was taken by surprise by the fact that there was a different teacher in the morning. Maybe I was more surprised than her… Jackie was greeted by two little boys who took her hand and she went to play. My stomach was in knots. I felt the urge to pray for her all day. When we went to pick her up she was nice and happy, quite pleased with her day. She was looking forward to going back, and I felt silly for my nervousness.

Day 2:

We woke up rested, then enjoyed our respective cups of milk and coffee.
We arrive at the kindergarten, and after she got her indoor shoes on, and proclaimed she will get her own pajamas from her backpack. When we opened the door, her morning teacher was at her desk, and three kids, quiet and a little zombie like, were playing in the back. She then started crying and hugging me tight. I couldn’t get out of her what was the matter. The more I comforted her, the more she clung to me and cried. I kept reassuring her that I will be back in no time. She will have fun, play, eat, sing, and before she knows it, I’ll be back. She was crying when I left. I wonder what was going on through her mind and her little heart…

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