Work in progress

We don’t just have an opinion. We have perspective. Language is powerful. It was brought to my attention that our approach to our role in society, or our opinion of our contribution, is meek. I’m not a fan of self-proclamation. I’m uncomfortable tooting my own horn. But as Paul says in the Bible, we are strong not because of something we did, or earned, or learned. There is a strength that dwells in us through the Spirit.

The moment we accept God in our hearts, and we give our lives to him, we start to do things strangely different than we used to. It may go against our nature. We speak boldly. We are eloquent.

Some may be tempted to believe with time that they are the ones doing it all. The truth of the matter is, and why sometimes women are a force, is that we don’t think to take credit for our strength. I pray I never lose sight of this Truth. In our weakness, God is strong, he shines, he moves mountains.

In an attempt to empower women, highlighting their accomplishments, we seem to put women in title boxes, and affirming their value based on the worldly standards. It’s a slippery slope and we are well underway. It is hindering our freedom, our true value, all the while we think we are doing women a service.

How do we remain vertical, rooted in the truth, when we are bombarded with so many soothing, tickling to our ego, messages?

Oh, evenings like tonight, when we are blessed to be in incredible company, Spirit filled, holy! Every single person, Kristen, Karen, Michelle, Carmen, Camilla, Livia, Liviu, Ken and Brian bless me with their insight, their empathy, the pain that is so diverse and each person has been shaped by different wounds, hurts, struggles. Yet here we are, bringing light and feasting and healing together in an unlikely friendship across the world.

God is good. God is fair. God is just. We look at our frailty or scars, we look up, and yet we are present. God redeems. God restores. God is for us. And we love Him.

We are women in perspective. Hungry for the Truth. Hungry for God. It is His spirit in us that makes us step out in Faith, He gives us the words, and the courage to do what he calls us to do, be that in our family, in our current and future jobs, in society at large. Nothing is too small or too big for Him. We are crazy for Him, because of Him. We are called to go against the grain. Our eloquence is not for the benefit, success or the applause of the world.

His spirit dwells is us, and may we never chase it away with foolish arrogance or pride or false hindering humility used as a justification to not step into the light.

We are women in perspective. May we never lose it.