Who is this book for?

This newly published book has been very well received, with enthusiasm and anticipation. At first look, as well as after poring over it, readers say it is beautiful. It’s educational, as well as emotional and eye opening. I personally still take it as a reminder and encouragement for better parenting, as well as a therapeutic tool. 

It’s written for adoptive families, adopted kids, as well as the curious minds who want to hear a daughter’s perspective and an overview of the reality of adoption. 

These days I realized that writing is not just therapeutic anymore. It’s draining too. After shipping books all over the world for two days, the adrenaline rush left me spent. If the thought of doing a book launch party was exciting before the books were here, now I dread it. I don’t have any organizational juices in me. No words either. 

But I am grateful.

Grateful for your kindness, your orders, your enthusiasm. Thank you for the gift of honoring my work. Some artists I admire brought me to tears, because of how they responded to my little piece of art and what we do.

So we like the one-man-band lifestyle; we have many and diverse skills to use. Yet writing a book, designing it, scouting for a good publishing company, deciding on a good printing offer, reaching an accessible price, promoting the book, and distributing it, sorting orders and shipping through different avenues, money transfers… you get the picture. 

What has given me reassurance in the later stages, a sort of validation, was picking up a book I received as a gift five years ago called A million little ways. Around the same time I was reminded two things: every writer wrestles between the art of writing and the business of publishing. These two are wildly different things. 

I picked up the book and within the first pages my eyes fell on something Emily, the author, said: “There is no greater threat for the enemy of hearts, than people who know who they are”. My book is a small step in helping my own daughter know who she is, and then remember it with clarity. For that alone, I feel brave and grateful.