What shall we be known for?

“Who am I to do anything about anything?” It’s a very tempting thought. It’s lazy and cowardly. “What if I make a fool of myself? What if nobody will want to listen or join in or follow?”

Moni said the other day, as she was giving us an account of her business journey with ups and downs and yet a successful story. She said that if she has anything going for her is the fact that she adapts. I thought to myself “hmmmm, I am pretty adaptable too” but I know I take my time to assess my domain, to get to know people, to build relationships, to strategize to work smarter not harder. But that is not my most obvious trait. I don’t waver. If I set my mind to do something, and if by chance I also share it out loud, it must happen. Unless God slams the door really hard in my face. Otherwise, I follow through. I find a way. I keep the promise to myself. And this has served me well. All those great ideas, or all the big and small projects could have been cancelled or brushed under the rug on the account that we are busy… too busy for greatness. I never regretted being stubborn, though I am rather flexible otherwise.

In May a handful of women from PBC will come to Romania for a women’s conference. I feel strongly that we are called to it. In preparation for it, I plan to host weekly get togethers with women and no homework. I plan to go over the Formed… series. And we will all have to commit to it. Every day we make time to eat, and we make time to sleep and rest. Our minds and hearts need nourishment as well…

Conrad and I want to open our homes to life and friendship, serving and feeding others.

We have no idea how to run an importing and distribution business, but we are willing to learn. We will make mistakes I’m sure, but we shall enjoy the process.

And there’s that exciting plan to open our home to children. It’s fills my heart with joy thinking about it. And I have to say this out loud. We are committed to adopting even if by a miracle we may get pregnant. The curveball thrown a few years ago just helped us look at life through different lenses. Together we make a great team, and it almost feels as if we were meant to adopt all along. God works in mysterious ways, and I really don’t need to stress about the details.

Two more weeks.