Week two is over

I spent the day with Livia. Woke up early and took her out to coffee at Top Nosh in Willow Glen. We delighted in the large beautiful delicious coffee, and talked about life for over three hours. Then moved next door to have sushi for lunch and talked about life in France, friends and community. Livia is leaving her mark. No, she does more than that, she changes the world, one person at a time, sharing and setting a stage for others to be real and vulnerable. After lunch we spent another three hours shoe shopping. We laughed silly, talking Romanian and trying tens of shoes on, making our way through DSW one row at a time. Needless to say, my phone was off, and 7 hours into the day Conrad tried to get a hold of his long lost wife.






Before that, I got to hang out with my Creatives. Brothers in arms. We share so many memories and have so many people in common, when we get together is like no time has passed. These people are smart and kind and respectful of each other’s boundaries. We function based on a common knowledge set of rules but I would venture to say that I love these people. For the faith their store in humanity, for the hope of thriving and healthy relationships (as work colleagues and friends alike).



On Monday we got to see the Ocean. The vastness of it, the salty smell, the sound of waves… this is free therapy of the soul. I can’t have enough of it. If we move back to the states, we move in walking distance to the ocean.




And Santa Cruz is pretty high on my list 🙂 because of PBCC, of Apple, of amazing coffee, friends and family.

I love my life in Romania. But it is hard work. And occasionally, due to some disfunction of people, or culture, in the context of me, us really, opening up the core of our deepest selves, to understand Romania and to love it just the way it is, we often get drained. And removing myself from the general context it gives me perspective and it helps me cope with it.

I remember who I am here, I can speak my mind with ease, I get energized and encouraged. There I am so focused at times, I frown a lot and forget to breath. But the journey is satisfying and truly joyful when there is challenge on the way, challenges that we eventually overcome.

Coco is arriving tomorrow. Let the psalm women party begin.