Traveling to Austin

The flights I booked had short layovers. We buy what’s available. And it seemed reasonable. With all the delays issues this year, I prayed we can make it smoothly to Texas. And we made all our connections. But our luggage didn’t. 

Here we are, having washed out traveling clothes to have underwear to wear on Sunday. The luggage arrives Monday. 

But the biggest adventure of all was Jackie throwing up the whole time from Frankfurt to Austin. She was tired. We hadn’t had much food early in the day. We had already changed two planes. So even Before lunch was served on the transatlantic, Jackie threw up in the bag readily available for such incidents. But the queasiness kept going. With short respites.

The upside: as Conrad tended to her, gently, lovingly, patiently. He said despite de mess and inconvenience, he loved it. We get to show up in the time of need, for our kids, and help them. Jackie said: you are the best dad I could have hoped for. Thank you for helping me. Do you still love me even if I threw up? 

I think we draw near to God as well, in time of pain, drama, & challenges. And we rest in him arms. 

My ears popped upon takeoff and landing. And they hurt like hell. I hear crackling and my right ear feels like I’m underwater. 

My head hurts and I’m pretty groggy from jet lag. But we are here. Finally here. The girls are happy. I feel very much at home.