Packing for a trip

When thinking about what I’ll need on a trip, I live in anticipation and it doubles the joy of traveling, I always liked packing. As far as I can remember, I packed my own bags. I know some people need a list, so they don’t have to think about the necessary stuff. And I now see the merit of a list as I don’t want to use my brain to pack every time. It to run the mental checklist for things I may have forgotten.

Some trips have higher stakes. When we traveled to the states I helped the girls pack wise and minimally. The morning of our trip I heard them unzip and zip stiff. I just told them to not bring stuffed toys. We’ll need the space for the Christmas gifts.

Sure enough, they packed some sweaters and dresses and skirts that they never wore. But they love and couldn’t leave there. I used my sarcastic tone: “good thing you brought these” as we were packing for our return. Jackie did not appreciate my sarcasm. I didn’t apreciate having to cram everything.

Today we drive to the mountains. Conrad asked them last night to pack a few changes of clothes. Jackie got in her room late and asked: “did you pack for me?” When I had only one kid to worry about I helped her pack. Then I packed my bag vas the snack bag, and filled the tank, brought cash, made sure we had chargers and hats and raincoats. One extra kid put me over the edge. I find no joy in packing for others. Conrad asked her: “how old are you?” “10!” She answers. We’ve taken dozens of trips. Far and wide. He asked them to pack pajamas and a few clothes. They had clothes all over the floors stuffing tshirts for a week in the back pack. I pass by and remind them that at home they wear the same darn clothes they love all week. Now they pack too many.

I guess for them (and my sanity) it is imperative now to make a checklist for traveling. Things to pack. Things to solve and leave in good order. Based on how many days we leave… we’ll print it and put it on the board. Simple and effective.

Long sleeve shirt
Rain jacket
Comfortable shoes
Slippers (easy slip-on shoes)
Snacks for the road
Sandwich and fruit
Book to read