Listen vs watch

Be not concerned with the fact that kids don’t seem to listen. Rest assured that they are watching.

How did I turn out this way? My parents didn’t over explain things to me. I sometime feel like I grew like a stubborn weed alongside them. Evidently they offered some protection and guidance. But they were not knowledgable in many things. But they had integrity. In abundance. I remember watching their lives. Imperfect but true. Honest. Real. It must have been this that shaped my character. 

My mom pulled blunt breaks in many direction. The worldly directions. Even when we didn’t fully understand. Until we got a taste for the life they did ofer us through the community of believers. 

The conversations I have with my husband as well as my kids, about their freedom to choose. The responsibility to choose for themselves. I can live my life in accordance with my belief, wholehearted, true, stubborn, I can speak to why I make the choices I make, and I keep telling them that they are responsible for their own path, choice, healing, without downplaying the importance of the Healer. 

Control used to be my pitfall. But as I am aware of this vulnerability, this blindside, I acknowledge and entrust my life, my path to God and let it be known that we each chose for ourselves. I hope and pray they choose with their heart and their mind. 

Kids my not listen well, but they definitely watch us.