Things jackie says at age 4.5

Mommy, You have two options (none is good).
I need more options. I don’t like the options you gave me.

Let me teach you how to apologize to me. Say I’m sorry. Then come embrace me and kiss me here on my check.
You need to have patience with me. I’m but a child.
“Come to Jackie, Rufus! Come here little boy. Jackie loves you.” (This third person talk cracks me up)
You don’t know as well as I do.
I’m faster than you.
I’m the biggest. I’m the oldest.
Let me do it!
Even if I don’t like this food… ummmm… I’ll still like it and eat it.
I was born in the middle. Rufus, get out of my spot on the couch, between mommy and daddy.
Will my sister have blue eyes? I want her to have eyes like mine.
Stop making that noise with your mouth. It’s annoying. Do you like how it sounds?
To little friends at the table: “please chew with your month closed. It’s not polite to talk with your mouth full.”
Let’s talk more about what’s good and what’s bad.
If I have a bad dream, can I come snuggle with you in bed?