There was a snow competition

Two people had to shovel snow in a straight line across a large white field. The one who shoveled the straightest path won. 

Of course, it was not easy. Gaging the direction based on your instinct will still stray you a bit to the right a bit to the left. At the end of a very long shoveling race, one person had a pretty wavy path and the other was straight as an arrow. When asked about their approach, the one with the straight path kept his eyes on fixed point on theater side. Didn’t look down too much but looked ahead. 

That’s how I want to live my life. Eyes fixed on the Truth in kindness, with grace, but fixed on the Truth. The biggest temptation these days is to get bogged down by opinions, convicted by parenting tips and corrections, we can focus on everything we do wrong, and there is plenty we don’t do well yet. We are perfectible not perfect. But keeping our eyes on the end goal, helps us shovel in a straight line.