The two way gift

If you are to give anything, give with joy, not begrudgingly, so it ca be received and be fruitful. That’s what says in the Bible. And it is good.

I think of paying attention, giving time, giving services or giving money. All ought to be be given willingly and joyously. I stop and think for a moment. I have given many times halfheartedly. Out of guilt maybe. Or in a rush. Or questioning.

If someone says: please remember me in your prayer. Do you think: “oh great. another request. I never have enough time or bandwidth for all the other things on my mental prayer list.” But it’s not like you have to fulfill someone’s needs. You just intercede. You remember them in your prayer. But then again, how many of us have a guilt relationship with prayer. Though prayer is our privilege, never a burden. A privilege to give it all to God, your heavy heart, your desires, hopes and even or especially your brokenness.

I told a friend who wanted to help financially for a conference that this time we’ll manage on our own; we’ll help each other somehow; and he said: “why do you deprive us of sharing in your blessing? we want to be part of it and to rejoice in what God is doing.” I never thought of people giving generously as “us blessing them” for accepting with gratitude their support. There were always needs. And we were grateful for the help. But I never understood how we blessed each other. No such relationship is one way.

I have many ideas of things to do to bless others. Wednesday when I go to the Adoption office I want to bring many boxes of panemar cornulete. Just because. The book “a thousand gifts” inspired me. And may that be just the beginning. Spreading joy intentionally. Becoming present. Slowing down to savor the moment. Looking people in their eyes. Smiling. Acknowledging the value of life.