The order of things

What comes first? What base relationship influences all the others? The way we related to our parents or to God? Subconsciously I still relate to God the way I related to my parents before I could articulate my opinion or preferences.

I feel seen, safe, and I am obedient. I don’t take Him for granted, just like Jesus even said, being one with the Father is not something to see as trivial.

both conrad and have very similar opinions about respect, comforting, nurturing, child rearing. We influence each other a lot also, and I can only pray we do well by our children, and are not too tough, firm, strict, but we offer structure as well as nurture in a healthy balance.

My hope is that they can draw near to God with confidence, with love, with trust. They can ask Him for guidance, and protection, the way we do with our Heavenly Father. And it’s a reminder for me to be like Him, so my children can easily transfer this awe, respect, trust, love, to the One who deserves it most.

kids have a natural way to demand love, and their unfiltered courage to speak up is pure and inspiring. I am learning from my own kids, to draw near to our Heavenly Father with a vulnerable heart.