Surely God is with us

inspired by Isaiah 45:15

Fear has paralyzed my senses
Could these people interfere with our adoption
Could we lose our daughter
Just out of spite?
Would they?

I kept reading your Word
To remember.
You are for us.
You are always present.
Even when it seems you are hiding
Like a Father in the park
Watching from safe distance
To see what we do
In such a situation.
You are a God who hides himself.
In disbelief, we look around
Our eyes well up in tears
Are we alone?
Instead of frantically running around
In search for You
Trying to take control
Of the situation
We take a deep breath
And we remember the Truth.
You will never leave us.
You are near
We don’t see you
But we know it deep down
So we take deep breaths
And we remember the plan
Stay put
Wait right there
Where we think we last saw you

We give up control
So we could remain present
As we regulate our breath
And start to see clearly
We gaze up
And see You right here.
Present , near all along.
Smiling at us.

As the storm passes,
We see we did well.
We didn’t run frantically
across the street
We didn’t get more lost
We remained present
Fighting against the urge to run

Surely, God is always with us.
Even when God seems to be hiding.