Still waiting

We’ve traveled through the valley this year. On the outside it’s been sunny and cheerful. We’ve even been unexpectedly blessed by plenty of unforgettable traveling on a light budget.

Our heart drew near to Jesus. Tenderly. We’ve wrestled with our own dreams or plans and learned to let them go. We’ve faced our worst fears and realized that we’re free even if or especially as we have no control over our future.

We have waited, sometimes holding our breath, to meet Jackie’s biological sister. “The long road home” as they say. The biological mom disappeared and the authorities were bound by time. There is a lot more to be said about this process, and what has transpired… Some we’ll find out, other things we’ll never know.

But on September 29th the final contracts stated in the individualized protection plan are expiring, so God willing, during the first week of October the file will move to the adoption department. Where more documents are drafted (final calls are made) and then submitted to a judge for approval to officially open her case for adoption. At the end of the first week of October we should receive an official note about her.

Taking one proper, albeit small step at a time.