Psalm 104

I loved Psalm 104. I loved all the psalms of praise. Who knew there is so much depth in joy and gratitude and exaltation. Psalm 104 fed me. Grounded me. The imagery, the simplicity and depth of truth exposed. I look at a beautiful grey sky as I write. The sky in Romania during Spring is spectacular. Really heaven like.

Praise the Lord
My heart, my soul

He sculpted the world
with bare hands He crafted us
And breathed life into each living thing.

He covers the land with the grey sheets of clouds
Thick, dark, majestic
And refreshes it with rain
Abundant rain.
Generous rain.

The fields are many shades of green
The flowers are fragrant
The wind whispers into the newly leafed trees.

Ah, the wind,
your Holy Spirit roams the Earth
It goes from East to West
Then dances in swirls
Blessing it
Checking it out.

I have emerged from the darkness of the humus
I germinated in sweat and tears a very long winter
Anxiety parted like the Red Sea
While rooted in You
My forehead is gently kissed by your rain
The wind shook me a great deal
Made me look pitiful at first
Grey and leafless
Like my tomato plants.
But here I still stand
Rooted still
Ready to bring forth fruit
As your sun shines more brightly.

Let rain and sun
Soak us up well
in equal measure
according to your wisdom.

Praise the Lord
My soul
My heart
Be joyful and praise the Lord.