MomCo Iris Team

When I got promoted to Lead Creative, I had been a stand-in Lead for a few months to try out the role. I was the youngest in the group. But though I don’t like telling people what to do, my colleagues and managers believed I’m the right person for the role. My enthusiasm, communication skills, people skills, ability to inspire others and bring out the best in them… these were things I wanted to grow in as well. So I embraced the challenges and thrived in it.

During my interview I got to talk about how I had convinced my colleagues to spearhead areas of interest: HR, music, video, tech support, and so on. Each got to shine in an area supported by me and they loved it. It created a sense of purpose and satisfaction in the job.

Now I’m part of a team of 7 who want to lead MomCo in Iris. I decided to share my experience as a Lead Creative applied into the coordinator role at MomCo. We met and we talked and clarified some expectations, vision, self motivation, roles, hopes, preparing to pass on the baton even as we are just taking the baton. It was extraordinary. I was excited about this meeting and prayed I would be able to convey my heart and belief. I put that lead hat on and allowed myself to be excited and share. The introvert in me became the excited leader for an evening. I brought papers, and lists and plans. I talked about the pillar to rest on as we volunteer: be yourself, remember why you do this, eyes on Jesus.

The night after the meeting I was still hyped about our conversation. I had no “energizer” aid before nor a “relaxer” after. My mind was racing with enthusiasm and I wonder if this is old age or I have very few exciting projects these days. May we pour our heart on fertile soil. And may it bring forth fruit.