Out of our comfort zone

Conrad might have something to say here soon. Liviu, our friend who experiences life in a most free-spirited way, often time misunderstood, invited us to go and serve in a refugee camp in Zagreb in mid December. Conrad is not necessarily the churchy type, and we don’t go on missions often, but this time he had it on his heart to do it. We had just one day to decide. As we sat down to discuss, I was the more reluctant one. You get used to routine, to being comfortable… and the cold season, being outside, building winter shelters and connecting with these people… you need to brace yourself mentally.

So I asked Conrad why. Why does he want to go? He had one simple answer: there are thousands of people who are fleeing for their lives, out of their comfort zone, and it’s easy for us to form opinions and then transform our opinions twice over, from our cozy comfortable couches with our stomachs full. Conrad wanted to get himself out of his comfort zone and serve people in need, and get to know them in the process.

Stay tuned. We’ll be driving to Zagreb on December 6th and we’ll return on December 13.