Our journey

After 9 years of remission, this week the doctors discovered two tumors on Conrad’s remaining testicle. He is undergoing tests and we are waiting for results.
Ah, the liminal space… Where God moves closer to us.

Pain. Mental. Physical.
The catalyst of closeness

Bravely carrying
a separate share
of burden and worry

One silly, one silent, two chatty.
A clash of coping mechanisms

Silence is unnaturally broken
With small talk

I need to clear my mind.
You pursue me with an open question
I first decline with stoic coldness
But as you sit there
I share my burden of stress or concern
Having little to do with the issue at hand
But everything else leading to this week.

We are a mess. The tears wash off the veil of seeming loneliness
Our reality unchanged overnight.
And yet, here we are.
A new day. Sipping our coffee
Your lingering headache
My puffy eyes
But we see strangely clearer.
Each other.

Love deep and safe and strong.
We journey together
And most importantly
God has always been our guide
Our refuge and strength.