New chapters

A few months ago I started praying that God would show me clearly where He wants me. Because, as it stands, I don’t know. And I feel a burning desire to do more.

What makes me come alive? – a good old question I stumbled upon in an old blog.

I don’t want to waste away my gifts, in their most fruitful context, but I don’t want to wait foolishly on the sideline till the game is over.

So I prayed. Believing. And waiting on God to strengthen my belief.

Will I see clearly? Will I feel His nudge?

At ROM in Ohrid I got inspired during the leadership talk. Then, during my interview about vision, it dawned on me that adoption is what make me come alive. To be an ambassador of hope, through my story, learning as I go, helping others, building communities, serving through my sharing, to many or to few.

All of our dreams can be wildly different. Big or small. Well defined or just an inkling of vision. And God can use us still.

I reached out to my former adoption group and invited them to come along and learn together, share, be strengthened. Have a safe place and a voice. I had bought some good books, and along them there was “the connected child” a great resource a guide for the adoption group. I saw that the Romania-without-orphans alliance added two more book to their offering. So I reached out to add my published book to their website. I got a good response back. And then another idea 💡 what if I could join this team. Very few people and organizations get me excited to join. This one I have observed over time and have been touched and inspired by them.

A day later the director contacted me, wanting to talk further. I had not yet expressed my interest in collaborating …and I felt affirmed by his initiative reaching out.

While I was in the mountains, I had unreliable phone signal (a blessing for many who want to disconnect.) But yesterday I woke up to a few messages from abroad, people who are using my book for encouragement, who are inspired and are blessed by it. Who want to translate it in Spanish. People from Spain traveling to Peru to serve the orphans there.

An Austrian Romanian lady wants to talk about adoption as well. Not that I’m the main source of information, but as fellow traveler on the adoption journey. Monday we’ll connect as I get back to civilization.

As long as the expectation are clear, I feel empowered and passionate, to help raise awareness, to see how we can improve the process, and connect all available resources, to be an ambassador, a servant leader.

It’s not about what to do for my own glory, instead it’s a freeing yet burning desire to live fully and fruitfully.

“Humility, after the initial shock, can be a cheerful virtue.” CS Lewis