My dad

We spent the week at Lacu Rosu in the mountains, in fellowship and studying the life of Jacob.

This year did not unfold as we anticipated. We were thinking we would embark early on, on the adoption adventure, being drawn body and soul to the-grafting-of-lives process. God had other plans. We left behind computers and stresses, and allowed ourselves to be nurtured and nourished. We hiked for miles every day in perfect weather, slightly chilled, and occasionally sunny. We took in the vistas, and we built memories shoulder to shoulder.

After taking in the unadulterated Word, we sat in reverence observing the Hebrew poetry and metaphors, even in narratives, we spent a lot of time in introspection, and a lot more in small groups. We made time and space to listen to other’s voices, and we practiced the art of listening. When we learn to bend our ear gracefully and wholeheartedly, we gain the courage to speak up ourselves.

@5 Dear daddy,

I run to you barefoot through the gravel beyond the gate.
It’s summer. 
You came to take me home after a few weeks in the countryside. 
And you brought watermelon.
You are wearing a plaid green soft shirt with large pockets.
I run to you.
You open your strong arms and lift me up in a tender embrace.
Your eyes are beaming with joy. 
Our expressions are mirroring. Always. 
You are laughing. 
I missed you and you missed me. 
I feel so loved. I feel safe. 
I trust you and you trust me. 
You delight in me and I did nothing special to earn your delight. 

@15 Dear daddy,

You are silent. 
But the story I tell myself
Is that adolescence scares you
And you don’t know what to say.
So I say nothing as well.
But when I need you 
You are always there
Shield and sword in hand
Fighting off dragons.
You are so strong and brave!
Only the delicate things scare you.
Like emotions and intimacy. 

@20 Dear dad,

I take initiative and share my mind and heart.
You listen.
I notice a glimmer of pride in your eyes.
You hear me. You see me. And you listen with reverence.
Thank you for your genuine delight in the little girl I was. Running barefoot into your arms.