mount Hebron dew

Hungry and lonely

We are or have been foreigners
God called us out of our father’s house
Pilgrims and sojourners
We are not home still
But we got a glimpse of our final destination
A taste of what’s to come. The banquet.
Meanwhile we cook on this side of heaven
And we pull a chair or a bench
Or add another table to expand our feast

Alone none of us count have pulled this together
100 feats in two years.
It is pure grace
God’s grace
That we are together
How blessed we are
With rice, veggies and a little meat
The flavors of the world
Romanian bread and a glass of red wine
Nourishing the spirit

Three introverts and an extrovert
Who don’t take themselves too serious
Serving what we have
Because what we have that we did not receive ourselves
As we share with the unexpected lonely person
It multiplies
Most of our guests say: “nobody invites us; if we want to see people, we invite them”
Same. Same.
And yet, the two times we were guests this year felt heavenly. I took it all in like never before. With joy and gratitude and rest.

I often feel inadequate and exhausted
But in humility my heart offers beyond what I think I have.
This vista of sharing the gospel, sharing a meal, being encouraged by those who step into the fold as well
With or without kids
Grown kids young kids
Empty nesters
Grandparents age
Single, divorced, widowers
Ukrainians, Moldovans,
Italians, Hungarians
Ugandans, Croats
British, Haitians
and so many locals
We dip the bread into oil and vinegar
And we say a blessing.
heaven descends on earth
And on Friday nights
Time stands still.