Love languages

While Evelyn is asleep, Jaclyn and I have the deepest conversations. She loves the philosophical chats. We’ve always connected talking. Hence our first book.

Yesterday she asked about the book I’m reading now: “the five love languages”.

We talked about each love language. And to my surprise, she recounted them all at the end. She even shared with me which are her top favorite ones. Physical touch and gifts. As it turns out, they are the same as Daddy’s.

She asked about mine, and listened. She was enthralled. It totally made sense to her. I told her how I also express my love, serving my family. As it turned out, earlier in the day, we went shopping and we bought her a very nice watch. And I told her, that’s a way we express our love to her. She was smiling broadly. “You do? …I love you too!”

Wow. Explaining our kids about love languages is golden. They learn to be intentional, to know themselves, and to understand all the expressions of love.