Live in the present

Girls night at my new place, talking life, eating goodies, laughing and reconnecting. I feel honored and blessed to have these Ezer women as my friends. Time and space altered not our friendship. We are in such different places in life, and yet our uniqueness and beauty is enhanced by it. Divorce, widowhood, cancer, childlessness, singleness, motherhood, job challenges, foreign living, all make our stories better. Life in our thirties is vivid.

Confronting the day to day challenges, and making it through hard seasons does not alter our determination to live in the present. When or if I turn 80 I shall count my blessings in different currencies. It will not matter that I worked 40 years at the most prestigious company, that I accumulated wealth, that I visited 50 countries, or that my house has 7 rooms and a great view, or even that we had many children. It will matter that I lived fully and wholeheartedly in the present. It will count what I gave freely and not what I gained painfully.

Let’s make something big, something impactful, something to be remembered by! We have amazing potential and drive. We can change the world! We just need a little crazy faith.

We are not giving up on our plan to adopt. It took us over a year of changing our minds over it, but it was a journey of preparation, of getting ready to welcome and save a child.

I look forward to stepping off the stage. Blogging takes a special kind of storytelling ability. It’s raw. And I like my privacy.