As this trip nears its inevitable end, I can’t help but dwell on the things that didn’t happen. We didn’t make much personal progress on the adoption process, we never had time to even visit an orphanage; the kitchen isn’t finished, we didn’t really relax, etc. But as I reflect on these things, I realize how much we did manage to get done, not just because of our drive, but thanks to the people who disrupted their own lives to be available to us in the process.

We bought a relatively finished—and very nice—apartment on our first day here, we bought a mattress, bed, couch, table, refrigerator, and stove within the first week, we set up quotes and design meetings for the countertops and cabinetry for the rest of the kitchen. Vio made immense progress with our legal paperwork, renewed her ID, payed our property taxes for the first year, and fit in a couple visits to the dentist. We visited many friends, and had dinners with family.

By all accounts, we made huge progress for only two weeks. Things will continue to happen in the apartment even after we’re gone due to the gears we set in motion now.

Before we left from the states, I told people that we could only hope to make progress on the apartment, and our hopes for adoption would be secondary, or at least indecisive. But in my heart, I hoped that everything would align, and however improbable, we would end up at least meeting our future child. I know that it’s too much to hope for, given the complexity of the process, and all of the different variables that would have to fall into place for that to happen. So even though we made such progress setting up our home here, I can’t be fully joyful.

I can only hope that the greater plan for us allowed for only the preparation of our home this time, so that we could be prepared when it is time for us to welcome a new life into our family.