Listening well

A week ago Jackie got a cracked upper lip (after the cold). Now she keeps picking at the scab. It never gets enough time to fully heal. She picks at it especially during nap time a kindergarten.

Today as I picked her up she told me she picked at it again. Then she asks: “can we go to the park?”

“Nope! As long as you pick at your scab we can’t go to the park. We’ve talked about this consequence.”

This conversation happened while I was buckling her in the car seat.

As I get in the driver seat, I hear the end of a resigned awareness: “I love you no matter what you do”. I’m not sure if she was trying to tell me to love her even is she picks at her lip though I told her not to or that she loves me even if I don’t take her to the park.

Then she says, looking face away out the window: “I know it’s for my own good to not pick at the scab on my lip“.

So she does listen.